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Automate backing up your MyCloud to USB Disk


I bought MyCloud device few years ago, I am using as incremental backup station on my network. Device itself is far away from being a perfect product to be honest. As I love backing up my own files&photos, I prefer to back up my back up disk…

After the short introduction, let me tell you my problem&solution. Normally WebUI itself does not allow you to create a scheduled task for backing up your MyCloud to USB. However, what you can do is you can create a symbolic link. Then you can show that location…

Start from here

Create a symbolic link

<pre class="brush: plain; title: ; notranslate" title="">
ln -s /mnt/USB/USB1_b1/FullBackUp/ USB_DISK

After this go to Internal Backups

Here, click “create a job”. Then you can modify the Destination path by doing inspect element (destination path) on Google Chrome(or any other browser allows you to do that). But be careful there is more than one field you need to change

After that you can simply run your script to test, normally it creates a folder first (with the job name) then started copying files where symbolic link is located. You can also set reoccurrence as you like…

I tested it on OS (2.31.204) and works flawlessly…
I hope it helps.