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My name is Hilmi Egemen Ciritoglu. Currently, Iā€™m working as a SRE and managing highly-scaled geo-distributed Kafka cluster at Criteo. I graduated with a PhD from Performance Engineering Lab in University College Dublin. My research interests include distributed systems, cloud computing and state-of-art data-intensive (i.e. `big data`) systems. During my PhD, I focused on the storage layer for large-scale data-intensive systems, particularly HDFS. Orginally, I graduated from mathematical engineering at Yildiz Technical University with honour. So, I am a computer enthusiast with the strong applied mathematics background.

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(Phd) Comp Science @UCD Dublin, Dublin, IE
Software Engineer @Arcelik, Istanbul, TR
(Bsc) Mathematical Engr @YildizTech, Istanbul, TR

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All of my friends call me Egemen, please feel free to use it too and always do not hesitate to contact me.


Home Office/Criteo Paris


[all of my names joined with] "." @gmail.com
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