Hi all,

I need to write iso file to usb for OS installation. I just wanted to list what I need to do for a next time. So I prepared this tutorialish text

First let’s install pv to keep track of progress.

brew install pv (in Mac)
apt-get install pv (in Linux)

For writing iso to USB drive. You can use following command:
sudo dd if=~/ISO_PATH_SHOULD_BE_HERE | pv | sudo dd of="/dev/diskNumber" bs=1m

In mac you can get this error: “Resource busy”
diskutil unmountDisk /dev/diskNumber
Then you can say run previous command again.

Hint: you can use command to figure out your diskNumber.
diskutil list

LATE UPDATE: For macs dd takes so much time. please try to use rdisk2s1 rather than disk2s1
For more information please have a look : http://superuser.com/questions/631592/mac-osx-why-is-dev-rdisk-20-times-faster-than-dev-disk